3 ways to cut your energy bills this winter (and stay warm)

In March 2022, I visited friends and we discussed the rising energy costs. They
were looking for ways to reduce energy bills as their average monthly bill have been high lately but set to rise even further over the coming months.

Daily news featuring the energy crisis suggest that average households could be facing an annual energy bill of £4,650, these are frightening figures for many and probably unmanageable for most.

I recommend that you visit the Ofgem website to see how they can help you if you have difficulties paying these increased bills. 

Ofgem has increased the price cap by a staggering 54% and they says that this is as a result of increases in global gas prices. It seems that these prices are set to rise further.

As a director at Ecocamel I am always looking for ways to have a more energy
efficient household. But just how can we be more proactive and help keep energy bills down?
Some energy providers offer Energy-saving tips to help reduce our home energy
bills like "Turning down your thermostat just one degree lower could save you £80 a year."

Here are some recommendations I use as ways of keeping warm while considerably lowering the thermostat setting.

 1. Thermal-wear

HEATTECH by Uniqlo. This innovative range of thermal tops, thermal trousers and accessories is designed to increase body temperature in colder conditions with impressive Extra Warm and Ultra Warm thermal underwear.
These will keep you very warm in any weather conditions!

Also check out the Uniqlo guide for Heattech clothing. From experience, if you use shirts from their ultra heat range, you can have your heating set to a bare

 2. Hot Water Bottles

We also use hot water bottles at home, they are warm and comforting when sitting on a sofa, and can be placed in a cold bed before going to sleep so you get a warm bed without having a stuffy hot room, instead of heating the whole room, just warm up the spots that need it.

3. Shower Heads and Descalers

One recommendation is that you spend less time in the shower. I read that
"Keeping your shower time to just 4 minutes, could save a typical household £70 a year on their energy bills".

I found that 4 minutes was very acceptable although somewhat challenging for
teenagers in our household!
According to Southern water, the average UK shower lasts eight minutes – costing £416 a year in energy costs for the typical family. This cost doubles if you have a power shower, as they use twice as much energy and water.
But these figures are not updated to the recent energy price increase. So we can expect a big increase in these costs.

Finally but not least, thanks to our innovative designs here at Ecocamel, you can cut down energy bills by using one of our powerful water saving shower heads.
These use less water and energy and yet give you a power shower experience.
The simple installation of one of our water saving shower heads will help reduce
your energy bills. It will also considerably reduce your household water

But how do the shower heads work?

Through our patented technology and innovation .
Our unique designs inject air directly into the shower’s water stream using a
patented multiple venturi system so you use less water while experiencing a
powerful shower. Our shower heads have been specifically designed to increase the shower performance while cutting down on your energy and water bills.

Our shower heads will fit any standard shower hose or shower arm and will work with electric showers too. They are easy to install – simply unscrew your old shower head and replace it with your Ecocamel Jetstorm or Orbit shower head which comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

You could also install one of our Ecocamel water descalers that will make your boiler work more efficiently and save money on limescale related repairs.

Did you know that the buildup of scale in a boiler's heat exchanger reduces its life expectancy by as much as 80% and a copper cylinder with just 5mm of scale built up can increase your heating costs by 50%.

Most homes in Hard Water areas can spend up to £250 a year overcoming the damaging effects of limescale. Also because of hard water you will be using more washing up liquid, more detergent, more conditioner, more soap and more shampoo.

To find out more about how you can save money of water and energy here!