Can you lower water bills with water saving shower heads in hotels?

Our conversations with Hotel owners about their current shower set ups.

When we speak with hotels about energy and water savings, the immediate response is; when trying to save water, our guests complain about their showering experience being poor due to low pressure.
Hoteliers often explain that guests either spend too much time in the shower to get a good wash and rinse, or that they receive complaints from guests that there is no 'power' in their shower at all.

Ecocamel's innovative water saving, low-flow shower heads can dramatically reduce water consumption, without compromising on the quality of shower your guests will get.

Did you know, water accounts for approximately 10% of all utility bills in most hotels? Hotels have both a commercial and moral interest in reducing their water consumption, as it's important to remember businesses pay twice for the water they use – first for the fresh water they bring in and use, and then for the wastewater.

So how can hotels reduce water usage and waste, and cut water and energy bills?

It is highly recommended to introduce a water management plan to include technology upgrades. What is a water management plan and how should hotels go about it specifically in their rooms and bathrooms?

  1. Audit starts with a water usage audit to get a clear understanding of your usage and costs.

  2. Are there any government funding or loans for investment in water-saving technologies?

  3. Research for the best water-saving devices. Aerated shower heads are often the way to go. Installing aerated showers in hotel's bathrooms under a retro-fit program, can generate immediate results in reducing water consumption without compromising on your guests showering experience during their stay.

The Ecocamel range of water saving shower heads has proven to be incredibly useful in hotels. Our unique inbuilt Aircore Technology injects air directly into the shower head water stream, so you use less water while still experiencing a powerful shower. The Jetstorm and the Orbit shower will maximise showering experience and save water at the same time.

The Leisureplex Hotel chain has been a long term customer of Ecocamel.

So I asked Karen Sawbridge, Operations Director, Alfa Leisureplex Holiday Group to tell us about her experience following the installation of our Ecocamel Jetstorm.

“Our family group of 20 resort hotels was initially approached by Ecocamel and subsequently Ofir Neuman and a technical manager visited me in our offices in Chorley to explain in more detail about the science behind the amazing Ecocamel shower heads.

Although I was a little sceptical at first, Ofir offered to provide the shower heads free of charge, to be returned at the end of the 3 month trial period, for our hotel in Bognor Regis and we were then able to track the water consumption over 3 months comparing the summer of 2012 with the summer of 2011, at this particular hotel.

The initial findings were very positive, with an estimated saving of some 8% of water consumed. Bearing in mind that our hotels tend to be large (the largest hotel has 125 bedrooms, the smallest hotel has 50 bedrooms and the average hotel has 80 bedrooms), much of the water is consumed by the large commercial kitchens, so the actual saving of water from the showers themselves must be considerably more than 8%.

Moving on 18 months, I am now delighted to be able to confirm that since we installed the shower heads throughout our estate of some 1750 bedrooms, we have saved just over 10% of the water consumed, comparing 2013 with 2012.

This in itself has meant that the payback period on the initial investment in the Ecocamel shower heads has been under 9 months, which speaks for itself.

Adding to this obvious commercial benefit is the showering experience which is provided by an Ecocamel shower head, which has been commented on by many customers and even an AA Inspector has since invested in an Ecocamel shower head, having first experienced it at our Hotel de Paris in Cromer.

My grateful thanks are conveyed to Ofir and the great team at Ecocamel. I highly recommend all hoteliers invest similarly.”

If you manage a hotel, small or large, introducing high performing, water saving shower heads is quick, easy and cost effective. Shop the Ecocamel Jetstorm range here, or contact us for advice on what you can do to lower water consumption for your hotel, sports centre or gym!