How to replace your RV shower head?

Replacing your RV shower head with an Ecocamel Soft Water or High Pressure Shower Head.

Over the years, our team at Ecocamel received many enquiries from motorhome and RV owners.

Most enquiries were all along the lines of:

  • How can I increase the pressure of my RV shower?
  • What's the best way to save money and water using my RV shower?
  • How can I get a power shower in my Motor Home?

At Ecocamel, we designed our shower heads with the RV and mobile home industry specifically in mind as we know how frustrating it can be missing out on your home comforts such as a power shower while you're traveling in your RV.

So what does it take to give your RV shower head an upgrade?

With the Ecocamel RV shower head range, it's never been easier.
All our shower heads can be easily installed and no plumbing required, simply screwing on your Ecocamel shower head in place of your old wand is all it takes! Additionally you can install a Shut Off Valve to the system to quickly and easily stop the water flow at the push of a button! Take a look at our best selling bundle to save you money.

So how do we deliver the best RV shower head upgrade?

Put simply, air is forced into the water stream through a small hole at the base of the handle. When the water and air mix, this mixture spins around at high speed causing turbulence which increases the pressure inside the shower head.

This forces the water out of the head with all the power of a conventional shower, but uses considerably less water. With a simple installation, your RV shower now becomes an RV power shower.

Check out our award winning Orbit shower head described by Motorhome magazine, as one of the best water softening shower heads available. This is relevant not only to your Motorhome, but also to your home.

Why not give it a try with our 60 day better shower guarantee?

You will not be disappointed.