Introducing our state of the art soft water shower head

At Ecocamel we continue to add lineup of innovative shower heads with the introduction of the Orbit soft water shower head. Addressing the issues associated with hard water. At home or while showering in a mobile home, RV or a motorhome. The Orbit is a water softener shower head which helps to resolve most notably the build-up of calcium and other minerals that clogs faucets.

The technology of our water softening shower head uses a unique combination of metals plus the principle of turbulence, to force the water flow through the unit’s handle where an electro-chemical catalytic reaction occurs. The result is that previously ‘hard’ minerals are changed from being large molecules into inactive, microscopic mineral particles. The electrical charge of the minerals is lowered which reduces the surface tension of the water and makes it softer.

The Orbit shower head water softener design also increases the pressure through the jets in the ring at the end of the handle. Air is forced through the base of the handle, spinning the water at high speed and building turbulence to create a stream of water. Flow is regulated to a maximum of 2.1 gallons per minute; an optional shut-off valve can be ordered for additional water conservation.
Rubber nozzles in the ring portion are spaced to provide a water pattern that covers the body effectively. These nozzles can be wiped clean easily with a finger or towel, so even if the standard showerhead is used with hard water, any deposits can be removed before a build-up becomes problematic.

Ecocamel also recently introduced the ORB SPA sonic massager, a handheld, waterproof attachment that operates on three AAA batteries. The ORB SPA snaps into the Orbit ring and offers three speeds for managing the desired massaging effect on skin.