Is the Jetstorm the best RV shower head available?

Taking a shower in a mobile home can be a less-than-invigorating experience. Most RV'ers complain their RV shower heads struggle to provide a stream of water strong enough to wash the soap off their bodies, without letting the water run for what seems like an eternity. Throw in the limited amount of hot water in most motorhomes, and showering in an RV can be a real challenge, especially while washing long hair. Ecocamel’s Jetstorm shower head can liven things up and conserve water at the same time.

What is the EcoCamel Jetstorm?

The Jetstorm was developed in the UK after thousands of hours of testing, and it uses a pretty simple principle to make it function as advertised: It forces air into the water stream. Air enters the handle through small holes and turbulence is created as the air and water mix. The spinning process increases the pressure inside the wand. And water flow is restricted to a maximum of 2.1 gallons per minute, a specification that, as you’ll see later, is more significant when hooked up to city water. When you replace your RV shower kit with the Ecocamel shower kit, you will notice a dramatic difference. Bob Livingston from Motorhome magazine said the Jetstorm head outperformed the original RV shower by leaps and bounds. ‘The stream of water was not only stronger and wider, but the feeling on our bodies was soothing with just enough force to wake up our pores; unlike some water-saving showerheads, there was no stinging. The Jetstorm spray is so efficient it’s not necessary to run at near or full pressure, which was required during the test due to the rudimentary two-handle mixer valve’.

Installation is a no-brainer to your new Ecocamel RV shower head; simply unscrew the old showerhead and hook up the new one. The fixed-head version can be used in showers that are so equipped.

And more from Bob’s review; ‘Build quality is very good and the faceplate has rubber nodules that can be wiped clean to prevent lime scale buildup. We used the showerhead at home every day for months and normal scale buildup due to horrendously hard water was not evident’.