Jetstorm, the sustainable power shower for trendy bathers

Jetstorm, the revolutionary showerhead with the Air Core technology system is a big hit with bathers who want style, elegance and a big showering experience with water saving credentials. Jetstorm was created from the 2008 global economic recession where rising energy and heating costs signalled a cost cutting and energy savings awareness for homeowners, hotels, and sports facilities. Shower and bathroom water saving technology systems were suddenly put in the spotlight, along with a demand for more eco-friendly and stylish looking products. Fortunately, Ecocamel was already ahead of the curve and in a bold move, hired the renowned British product designer, Robin Whitfield, to create a brief to make the highest performance aerodynamically stylish showerhead possible. Using his expert knowledge of carburettor and air flow design, Robin created a new design with a new twin air intake system to maximise the ‘venturi effect’, along with flow control regulators in the handle and a water diffuser behind the 5-part wipe clean face plate. The result was the Ecocamel Jetstorm, the best-selling aerated showerhead, which offered advanced water saving, high performance and stylish looks, meeting the needs of the modern bathroom trendsetter.