Power Shower Effect with Big Energy Savings

Ecocamel (established in 2003) was one of the first UK companies to use the ingenious yet simple ‘venturi effect’ to design a low-cost full flow effect showerhead. The first full scale production Ecocamel showerheads were ground-breaking, they worked by sucking air into the water stream through a small ‘venturi’ hole at the base of the showerhead handle, this caused a mix of air and water to spin around at high-speed creating turbulence which boosted the pressure inside the shower head to produce a full flow of water. The pressure that forced the water out of the showerhead created a power-shower effect, making you feel you were getting soaking wet but, you used 40% less water. The full flow effect with its water & energy saving benefits gave the Ecocamel showerhead real market dominance in homes with low pressure water systems and in the caravan and mobile home industry, a position that the company still enjoys to this day.